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Default Re: Der Straßenkratzer

Did some tinkering with the bike today on this lazy saturday. I've hated the look of the ricer/modern exhaust which is killing the look of the bike, so I fixed it by taking the fucker off. Looks killer and sounds just as as good. Since modifying the intake/exhaust can cause a leaner condition, I went for a spin so I can check the plugs. The bike had a little slow spot on acceleration from 1/4 throttle and up which means the jet needle needs adjustment but WOT seemed to pick up. When I got back I pulled the plugs. Cylinders 1 and 2 were greyish/brownish - dead on but what was causing the slight stumble? I got to cylinders 3 and 4 and found a problem. Both plugs had oil residue . All this means that the bike will be needing new rings soon . Seems like I get one thing running, something else needs a fixin'. Without a leakdown tester, I'm diagnosing the problem on the rings but there is further evidence of worn rings: high crankcase pressure. There is a little smoke coming from the breather tube coming off the engine after racing around for a bit.

Since the bike is my only transportation till the v-rod is finished, I'll be trying put the least amount of miles on it and baby it. I bought a new Honda clutch cable last week to fix the shifting problem, which I will get sometime early next week. I also hooked up the carb synchs to get them running as close as possible and got some better throttle response now.

Thats all I have for you today. Later.
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