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Default CB750 Cafe Project

Just got back from a car show in Palm Springs and decided to take the bike out again. I posted a thread (click here to see it) about a volksrod in Palm Desert and saw it again today in Palm Springs. The guy is a member here but just a chronic lurker. He asked if I was familiar with this site... . I laughed and told him I was a Coalition member and gave me the . Anyway, we discussed v-rods and shit for a little while and I went to check out the rest of the cars. My pops was there representing our business and had a chat with him about the issue with my bike. He followed me a couple blocks to see how the bike ran and about any smoking issues. He gave me a thumbs up and said the rings are fine, then turned and went home. Thats good news for me. I completely trust his mechanical skill and advice since he's been wrenching on his car for 35 years and has lots of racing under his belt. I guess workin' on cars runs in the family.

Going off another tangent. Well back to the bike. Things are good, still that little hesitiation/bogging in 1/4-3/4 throttle but WOT is still good. I'll take the bike around tomorrow and take some jets and my plug wrench tomorrow and see if I can't get this bike running better.

I took the back streets home from the car show and hit 90-95mph.... nearly the TON but I had to slow down since there was a curve coming up. That bike is a goddamn motherfucking fun machine.
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