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I got s'more work done yesterday with the little free time I have. I received my new clutch cable in the mail and got that installed. Still having problems with gears doing a little grinding when accelerating quickly and also have a bit of clutch slip. I have to let the rpms drop down before shifting to have a smooth transition between the gears. Since the clutch cable was a little help but not a cure for the problem, I'm going to replace the clutch disks and plates. I've also decided to run some synthetic oil next time I change the oil and will see where that gets me.

I cured the bogging down in mid range with the bike running lean. To get good acceleration during mid and WOT with the setup on my bike choke had to be almost closed and really cut the power down. The air cleaners and the aftermarket exhaust really fucks with the intake and fuel mixture. To fix the mid range, I set the jet needle down one notch - almost full rich. Doing so consists of pulling the carbs, tearing them down and pulling the slides out. It wasn't too bad since I got really familiar with them during the carb rebuild. After I finished those up, I threw in a set of #125 jets, two sizes up from stock, to fix the WOT. I got finished, took the bike for a spin and HOT DAMN does that old bike really scoot! Being able to open the choke and add lots more fuel really gives a lot of pick up.

Before making the jet changes and such, I tried to put the stock airbox back on to restrict the airflow a little better but after 2 hours I couldn't even get 1 out of 4 of the plastic velocity stacks on! WD-40 wasn't any help either. My pops thinks it was a stupid idea to run the cone filters but I like the better performance with the carb changes. I'd like to have a race between my cb750 and his cb750 to see who's is quicker. Eh, one of these days...

Now, get off your lazy asses, get in the garage and build something cool enough to make James Dean jealous.
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