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Default CB750 Cafe Project

I've been bummed that the bike has been progressively getting slower as the days go on. After a little riding I checked the spark plugs again to diagnose the problem. Spark plugs from cylinders 1&2 looked as though they came right out of the oven, nice and brown but cylinders 3&4 didn't look so good. The electrodes were caked in oil and the exhaust was spitting out whitish smoke. My pops reassured me that the rings were fine after not seeing any smoke while I was riding but I am starting to doubt that. I replaced the 3rd & 4th plugs and will check them again tomorrow after work. I was hoping to rebuild the motor after I finish up the volksrod, and still planning to, but I don't have time to tear the motor apart on the bike which would leave me without transportation. Assuming that the engine has never been rebuilt, I'd say it's probably time for one.

I'm making a promise to myself to get crackin' on the volksrod starting this weekend so I can get the bike fixed and get the motor rebuilt. The car still needs plenty of work to get it running and on the road so I'll be making a list of items that need to be done that I can check off, so I can see some real progress.

It always seems like I fix one thing, another thing breaks.
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