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Default CB750 Cafe Project

Haven't had anything good to post this week until today. It's summer and hot but I don't mind getting out to the garage and doing some wrenching. Instead of the garage part, I'll be working in the kitchen.

I posted some info about refurbishing the carburetor boots on my CB750 with water and wintergreen oil and got lucky today by actually finding a local health store that carried it. I searched for weeks and was going to buy it online and then I decided to check a couple health food stores out first. I picked up a 30mL bottle for a bout $6 bucks, which considering if this process works, will save me $100+ for a brand new set of factory Honda carburetor boots.

I started by simmering the water/oil mix, dropped the disassembled boots in a metal strainer, and lowered them in the concoction. At first the smell was great, similar to a huge mountain of minty chewing gum, but that turned sour once the smell became too overwhelming with the addition of a rubber smell. As I type this, I still have about 2 hours left of the simmering and me, unable to breath in my house, am left to wearing an industrial safety mask. I bet I look like a crazy guy with my mask and doing the dishes. My roommate is being busy with her counselor job at some kid camp, so I have the house to myself and to stink the hell out of it.

I swear this stuff will make the paint peel off the walls.

Now for some pictures:
About 15 minutes and these babies were off the bike.

30ml bottle of Wintergreen Oil

This is the mix of water and 15ml (half the bottle) of oil just under a boil that will sit for 2-2.5 hours or until the boots are nice and supple.

BEFORE picture of the boots. Will post update pictures with a little about how well, or not, the refurbishing process went. Notice the numbers, tells which cylinder the boot goes on. Took me one hell of a long time figure that one out .


Edit: Oh yeah, bought some new fork gaiters from Cycle X which will allow me to not need the headlight ears to keep the stock fork boots on so I can run those neato aftermarket chrome ears that I have. Also purchased new clutch plates since the stock (assuming so) is going out; grinding gears. Watching eBay for a vintage set of Tommaselli clip ons due to the other set went for too much and didn't feel like paying an insane price.

Might also buy a new 19" rear rim and spokes to really get that classic brit bike look and so I can ditch that chopper looking 16" rim that is currently on there right now. I'm looking for some Avon roadrunner tires too. Next purchase will be a new chain and bigger jets incase I want to get crazy with the motor or exhaust (pretty much guaranteed).
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