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Talking CB750 Cafe Project - UPDATE!!!

After about 2.5 hours with the boots in the mix simmering, it appears that it worked!



I wasn't able to squeeze the boots before throwing them on the stove because they were stiff as hell but now they are soft and supple. The boots had a "haze" on them which I took off with a dish scrubbing pad then wiped them down with a towel. They look brand new!

At an hour-45 I threw in the rest of the wintergreen oil and let them soak thinking that it might help a bit. If you decided to do this, it's best to check up on the mix every-so-often since the water will evaporate, so keep a cup of water near to refill. Other than that, let them set and do their thing. Since Honda wasn't the only company to make rubber boots for their bikes, this procedure will work for any bike. If you do it, let me know the outcome.

While I was waiting, I ordered some new stainless boot clamps from Carpy at his site that is dedicated to Cb750 Cafe bikes, only after I was unable to find anyone around here with the size and style. The old boot clamps are pretty fucked up and bent from years of abuse. The new clamps will look good and probably make a better seal.

The only bummer is that the wintergreen smell will linger for quite a while. I'll never like that smell again.
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