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Default CB750 Cafe Project

Alright. Today I have a new, more interesting problem with the bike. Seems like every time I get near the frame, while the bike is running, I get the SHIT shocked out of me. My prognosis is a grounding out coil(s). When the shocking begins, it is repetitive and constant till I pull my hand off the bike. I've noticed on the way home from work that the bike was pining, which is a really odd since I'm running 91 octane and adjusted the timing once (and made damn sure the timing plate was tightened down). I think that the coils and or plug wires are leaking onto the frame which is killing the performance and making me irritated.

I've been looking at Dyna coils with REPLACEABLE!! plug wires. Honda pulled a stupid one by permanently connecting the plug wires to the coils.

For some better news, I won some vintage Tommaselli clip on handlebars off of ebay, which will be powdercoated to look like chrome since chroming is not an economical way to go. In addition to the clip ons, I'm patiently awaiting my new clutch and fork gaiters. Looks like I will also be awaiting a new set of coils once I find one that suits my billfold.
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