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Default Cb750 Cafe Project

Got an progress update on the bike so far. Having some extra time on my hands after work, I got the clip on handlebars stripped down to metal to get them read for chroming, yes chroming! After they are finished (hopefully next week) I'll let you know all about it.
Here's the clip ons stripped and did a bit of polishing:

I ordered some new carb boot clamps from Carpy's site to replace the bent, stretched, and leaking clamps I had on there.

The new clamps are the worm drive style and give a greater amount of tightening, as with the old clamps would be tightened to the fullest and would STILL leak.

Clamps installed:

Sealing up the intake really changed the way the bike runs; a hellofa lot better. The only problem is that I adjusted the carbs to run richer to compensate for the vacuum leak so a readjustment was in order.
I also re synched the carbs which gave the bike a smoother take off but still has some issues.

Here's a list:
-Constant miss during idle (hot and cold)
-The engine will not idle by itself unless I keep my hand on the throttle till it warms up. Once the engine is warm, it has no problem idling without my help.
-Probably the problem that bugs me the most is that the bike will be idling when hot around 1200rpms then will suddenly surge to around 2k-2200rpms on it own. After about 5 seconds, the idle drops back down to 1200. I have absolutely NO idea why it does it.

I know I still have to adjust the idle mixture and also adjust the timing but I cannot get an accurate reading due to the miss.

If there is a v-rodder or lurker that can assist me with these few problems, it will be greatly appreciated beyond measure.
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