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Default CB750 Cafe Project

Looks like I got a lot accomplished this weekend which makes me happy and relieved. I skipped out on the Pomona Swap Meet this month to get some necessary items fixed before taking the bike on any long distance trips. The first thing that needed replacing was the drive chain. I have no knowledge on how old/ how many miles the chain had but it was worn and stretched. When I replaced the chain, I went ahead and replaced both front and rear sprockets as well since they both wear the same amount and I'd rather have brand new so won't feel paranoid about something breaking down when I'm cruising.

Just a comparison to the old chain to the new one.

Same with the front sprocket:

Here's the new rear sprocket installed:

I decided to stick with the stock sprocket sizes since the bike will eventually get a taller rear rim and that changes the drive ratio. Being an auto mechanic, working on bikes made me feel slightly apprehensive but I realized that it's pretty much all the same thing. In fact, it is way easier to work on the bike compared to a car, with everything so compact and easy to access.

New exhaust seals were also replaced. The old ones were a bitch to pull out and I naturally assumed they were stock by the condition of them.

The on going problems that I mentioned in the last post about the idle problem during cold and the surging idle seems to be fixed. I found a vacuum leak from a couple loose hose clamps on the intake boots - easy fix, which seems to have cured both the surging idle and poor cold idle. I also readjusted the jet needles 1 notch up, back to stock specifications. The original carb settings were to counter the massive vacuum leaks, now that has been corrected, a retune is in order.

The only real problem left is the constant miss which I am contributing to bad coil wires. At night, the plug wires arc like mad not only at the wires but the boots as well. I'm devising a plan on using the stock coils but changing out the wires by soldering a spark plug end to the coils and using replaceable wires! Thanks to Frank (blacktruck) for the idea.

I thought this a cool shot and I know how much you guys like pictures.
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