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Default Re: Straßenzerstörer

Holy shit, I actually did some work on the Straßenzerstörer today. I think it's from all the caffeine I had this morning.

Although work was done, just not much. The M/C was finally mounted on the opposite side (RHD 'version). Overall it looks and fits great except for the front break light switch that happens to be too close to the tunnel and doesn't have enough room to be fitted to the m/c. There are a couple ideas that I have to fix this problem: 1) take a hammer and pound the crap out of the tunnel or 2) cut out the interfering metal and create a concave piece out of sheet metal and weld it in. I preferred method for me would be the latter.



After the master cylinder was mounted, I wanted to continue the work on the pedal conversion but alas, problems surfaced again. I appears the battery on my drill is going to shit and I planned to do most of the work today using it. Looks as though the project will be put on hold until I get a new battery. Before the battery proved worthless, I was drilling out a new hole opposite the hole for the LHD pedals for the RHD pedals but only got half-way finished. I decided to install a stock shifter, that my dad gave me from his buggy, so I can stretch it to the roof.
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