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As you readers know, I've been in a pickle between getting the bike running good and getting some decent progress done on the volksrod, I may have crossed the line where I can start devoting full time work on the car.

The running condition on the Cafe bike has been a rollercoaster - ups and downs, but I finally got it running well, though not sure how long that will last.

Troubleshooting any vehicle consists of eliminating certain problems and going from there. I have been really skeptical on the condition of the ignition system on the bike and to eliminate that problem, my dad pulled off his coils from his CB (known to be in great working condition) and I put them on my bike. The first time I started it up, it ran noticeably better. I was excited to see REAL progress in having a reliable, running bike. Al was well until the bike suddenly had a loss of power and hated being moved from it's parking spot, so today I did my usual checking of the carb's internal conditions and noticed that #4 cylinder wasn't getting it's Wheaties and #3 had more fuel that #4. I pulled the carburetors off and cleaned all the jets and fuel passages then focused my attention to the last carburetor.

Turns out that the fuel inlet passage before the needle seat was clogged due to particles from the fuel line were clogging it up. I installed new fuel line/ filter, cleaned out the fuel inlet and after that, the bike ran top notch. I bought a few items such as new brake pads (front & rear), new spark plug boots, and some other stuff here and there. All I need now is a new set of coils (the wires are definitely SHIT and the coils have a small crack by the mounts - plus those fuckers are 30+ years old) and do some final tuning and it should be good to go.

Enough with the bike. More progress has been made (not much but it's progress) since I got a new battery for my drill. The RHD pedal hole in the tunnel is drilled and just need the pedals mounted. My dad's buggy will be getting a new steering column (adjustable) which means I'll be getting the current column he has (standard plain steel column and cool chrome/ old skool looking blinker switch. I had planned to get a similar column for mine since I won't be re-using the stock column/ignition switch/blinker setup on mine.

I'm pretty jazzed about getting crackin' on the v-rod again and getting that road worthy for this Fall/Winter.

Since this post is sans-picture, I figured I'd throw in a pic of my dad's buggy. He bought it from a gent who built it and never took it out on the street. Hell, practically all the bolts on it weren't even tightened all the way. He got lucky with a hell of a deal on it, it's been really reliable, gets LOTS of looks, and it a kick in the pants to drive.

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