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Default Re: Cb750 Cafe Project

Originally Posted by max16v View Post
Got an progress update on the bike so far. Having some extra time on my hands after work, I got the clip on handlebars stripped down to metal to get them read for chroming, yes chroming! After they are finished (hopefully next week) I'll let you know all about it.
Here's the clip ons stripped and did a bit of polishing:
If you didn't know, I got the clip ons chromed! A gent at La Habra Plating gave them a couple dips for a mere 50 bucks.
Here's the finished product:

Here's the clip ons installed:

Installing those were a pain in my ass. The chromer dipped them once and decided they should be dipped a second time for a better finish but doing so increase the outside diameter just enough to make the throttle assembly not fit right. I took a palm sander and took some chrome off and also had to make a relief cut in the plastic throttle tube. After that, all was a walk in the park.

Since the last time I cleaned the forks, rust had formed from sitting, which I sanded down and polished up a bit but had left bare metal. After a couple rains and humidity, surface rust was forming, so I shot some rattle can black to protect the new chrome finish on the clip ons.

During the fork painting, I killed some time by installing a new clutch cover gasket since the old one was torn and leaked oil all over the god damn place. Now: no leaks.

On the ride to work this morning (first ride with the clip ons), the bike felt a little stabler and was more comfortable to ride with the new handle bars on. I really enjoy the aggressive-ness of the look, which the clubman bars took away, and the riding position. Nothing screams Cafe Racer like a set of clip ons.
Here's some new pics I took of the bike just a bit ago with the bling.

Notice how much lower the bars are. It makes riding this bike FUN again.

This weekend, I should be going to my pop's house to get my carburetors synced using the old method with the tubes and mercury. I couldn't do them last weeked due to me forgetting the brass carburetor adapters, and, my dad couldn't find his old plastic ones.

I am aiming to get more progress done on Das Straßenzerstörer this week. I've got the bike running well and I'm sick of not driving my baby around town.

More updates when they come. Peace out.
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