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Default Das Straßenzerstörer

I've been doing my best to get this car on the road, hopefully before X-mas. It seems like a long time but the list of things that need to be done continues to grow, not shrink even though I've spent all of my free time after work in the garage working on the car.

Recent list of accomplishments:
- Mounted the RHD pedals - which surprisingly fit exactly where the m/c is mounted. Measure 20 times, cut once... it pays off!
- Almost finished filling in all the holes in the heater channel before channeling the car. The big holes for the heater are all welded up and ready. I spent a lot of time trying to make them look good but, they wont even be seen.
- Finished welding up the B pillars

Small list of BIG things that need to be done:
- Channel job
- Finish the chop top (C pillars, welding the front portion of the roof on, filling in roof between A&B pillars)
- Fab up the luggage tray with sheet metal. Not going to re-use the stock luggage area since it's pretty well rusted up.
- Smooth out fender bolt holes.

I hope to get channel job done within a week and finish up the C pillars as well. Those two things are a big hurtle right now.
/end rant-update
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