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Default CB750 Cafe Project

This past weekend went pretty well with the bike. I took a ride to my dad's house after work to see if we could tune it better. Earlier that week I received a set of mini metric drill bits and hollowed out a set of #110s that I know I'd never use. I opened them up to #130s which fixed the top end perfect. The only things to fix were a bad stumble off idle and lots of lag during midrange throttle.

We immediately re-checked all of our previous work done to the ignition system, which turned out to be working fine. Cylinder's 2-3 had new points before and went bad. I threw in a set of 20 year old points from a stash my dad had for his bike and after a couple weeks of riding, were holding up perfect! Some people's parts quality these days . I adjusted the dwell a degree for better spark and that was it.

After re-checking the timing for all the cylinders, we let the bike cool off so we could check the synchronization with a more precise gauge. I have a sync with a set of vacuum gauges (brand new) and were no match to my pop's tube/mercury gauges which are 25+ years old!!! The sync'ing was a little hard due to the carburetors being a tad worn but we got them pretty damn close to perfect. We buttoned up the carburetors and I went for a spin around the block. I pulled in the driveway and my dad knew the bike was running GOOD by the shiteatin' grin on my face. All I have left is to fine tune the idle jets but cant, since I misplaced my fucking metric spark plug socket in the garage .

I've been doing small things here and there on the v-rod and making progress, little, but progress nonetheless. I have to make a stop at Lowes to pick up some overpriced sheetmetal to make filler panels for the cabin's "C" pillar. Also I'll be filling in the fender holes and fabbing up some filler plates for the bulk head after I channel the car.

Unfortunately I do not have a computer at home anymore, which means I won't be able to post pics for a while but I will be taking pics of all my progress. Once I get a computer, all of my work will be posted via pictures when I get them uploaded!

Stay tuned.
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