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More progress on the v-rod today. I got the RHD pedals finished up and mounted. The problem up to today was how to bolt the pedals to the tunnel, with the pedals on the opposite side. Talking with reflectorcollector on several different methods of accomplishing that task: 1) cutting open the tunnel and welding 2 nuts on the inside where the pedals would attach to or 2) Running a piece of all-thread through the tunnel and using nuts at each end.
I didn't feel like cutting and welding the tunnel and wanted to use metric on my car to fit the stock pedal mount holes. So I figured out how to do it MY way.

After taking a trip to my local Lowe's, I came home with a pile of stuff and got working.
Luckily, I found some 10x1.5x40 metric bolts - which match the threading on the tunnel, then I got a piece of 3/8"x3' solid steel rod (couldn't find metric ) and welded the bolt to the end of it. I cut cap off the bolt and set it aside for later. After measuring the tunnel and figuring how long the bolt needed to be, I cut the rod/threading and welded the cap off the bolt onto the end of the rod. After grinding down the welds, the bolt fit perfect. The RHD pedals came with a support plate, where the stock pedals go, that support the throttle actuator and the bolts had enough threads for a nylon-lock nut at the end.

Unfortunately I don't have my own computer yet, but I assure you that I took photos from start to finish, and when I get my own computer that I will upload them.
I finding this exciting that I can cross this off of my very long list of things to do on the car. It's definitely a personal encouragement to keep going. I know that a lot of things would be done if it wasn't for the damn heat and humidity.

Stay tuned, and maybe I'll get more things done.

Oh yeah, I forgot my lighter at my house and had to use my welder to light my cigarettes. Fun times.
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