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It's been a while since I've updated but not to fear, I've been keeping busy on the v-rod. I picked up some needed parts at the Pomona Swap meet and met up with Joel (Tequila) and walked the grounds. I scored a pair of vintage metal fuel tanks that I will hang off the side of the rod, which wont be for aesthetics but for real. They have a pretty good patina but will need a good clean on the inside. The PO used them to store used motor oil.

On to the v-rod...

I bought some sheet metal to fix some warpage on the "C" pillars, which have still been giving me lots of headaches. I decided to take a break on the chop and focus some more on the cabin section.
I'm about 3/4 with the shifter extension. I was waiting on finding a shifter base plate, since I lost the one that my dad pulled from his buggy. I scored one at the Pomona Swap meet last Sunday, so I finally installed the shifter and started the extension. I have a great idea for the shift knob that I have seen NOBODY do yet; being somewhat original. I'll get the shifter finished up after work.

I had been looking for some swing spring plates and torsions to get rid of the long IRS torsion housing that sticks out by the tire. A fellow member helped me out and sold me the plates and torsions from a '61 that will be installed within a week. After I install the new parts, the rest of the channeling will be finished as I will need to leave room for the cover plates in case I decided to adjust the suspension at a later date.

Still looking for a computer (reasonably priced Mac) to upload all the photos I've been taking of the progress.

Some news on the Cafe Bike Project:
It appears the rear rim is a tad bent and one spoke is loose. I've been wanting to change that damn rim since I got the bike because that 16" rim ruins the Cafe look. I bought a brand new chrome 19" 2.5 drop center rim for a Harley off eBay that should be coming in next week. I also put an order in to Buchanan and ordered new stainless spokes for the front wheel (rusty as hell) and custom length for the new rear rim. Luckily I found 1 place in the desert to balance and true rims, that has a shop right across the street from my work! All I need now are new tires (front tire is cracking and the rear needs a bigger size to fit the rim) and I've been eying a set of Avons.

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