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Default Re: Das Straßenzerstörer

Got my computer at work to upload all the build pics, so the rest of my post will finally have pics!

I'll start off with Das Straßenzerstörer.

Since I started the conversion to right hand drive, I ran into clearance problems with the master cylinder, being LHD, and the tunnel. The fix was to notch the frame head and gain clearance for the break light switches and hard lines.

Fix: Cut a square shape out of the sides and fab up plates to fill in. The original metal was 14-12g steel and the local hardware store only carried 16g. So, I made templates, cut out two of each and welded them together for rigidity. I'll probably brace up the framehead later on.

After that, I fabbed up some bolts for the new RHD pedals since I couldn't find any of the size I needed. I took a trip to the local h/w store, picked up some solid rod, bolts, nuts, and washers. This is what I finished with...

Welded the bolt to the rod

Cut of the bolt head and made sure the threads were not damaged

Cut the rod to length

Welded bolt head on


Works like a charm

Bolted down the end of the RHD pedals for more support

I did lots of welding and grinding to the C pillars which caused LOTS of warping to the sheet metal. I fixed that.

Cut out warped metal:

Patch welded in:

Thats all for today. It's time to go home and tinker with my bike.
Next update: Shifter extension using Type 1 stock shifter an NO rotation while shifting and works well! All explained later.
Also will update on spring plate swap from IRS to Swing Axle now that I got some needed parts from Chirco this past week.
More updates on the Cafe Bike - new 19 rear rim!, new Avon tires. Spokes will be coming sometime soon, I hope. I'll be installing new braided steel lines when I get home today. Will take some pics of that too.

Here's my latest SCORE from the previous Pomona Swap Meet that I attended with Joel (Tequila) and I actually think he was sober! Oh, wanted to thank Joel for sending me a quick shift kit! You kick ass man.

Vintage gas cans that will be fully functional on my v-rod (no gas gauge...)

SW amp gauge and shifter lockout plate that I haggled from $2 down to $1. Finally let me put my shifter together.

Peace out!
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