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Default CB750 Cafe Project

Got more update for ya.

I'll start off with the work done to CB750 Cafe bike on Friday after work.
I replaced the front brake line with braided hose and also eliminated the brake switch assembly that attaches 2 pieces of hose together, and installed a brake switch/banjo bolt at the M/C.

Old hose: its ugly and scary

Brake switch assembly and line:

Yeah, scary:

Now for the new shit:
Goodridge Brake line ordered here

Brake switch/banjo bolt assembly:

New hose:

Here's the brand new rim I bought for the rear of the bike that came off the front of a Harley. 2.5 x 19" D/C

And some new rubber that arrived in the mail this morning:
Yep, those are Avon Tires. Since I'm going for the vintage English style look, I needed a tall rim (most early brit bikes shared the same size rims - usually 19s and ran Avon tires) and narrower tires. It will definitely give the bike a narrower look, which I want because it's a fat bike.

I sent an order to Buchanan Spokes online yesterday for new stainless spokes for the front rim, (mine are rusty and ugly) and custom stainless spokes to fit the 19" wheel in the back. I gave them a buzz this morning to confirm and looks like I should have the spokes within a couple weeks!

I'm still planning to ride the bike until I finish the v-rod, and when I do, the bike will be completely stripped down to the frame and rebuilt to make a daily driver that I can still take to shows. That's it for the bike today. I'll follow up later once the spokes come in.
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