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Default vrod update

Got a little more progress on the rod done last week. After notching the frame head for the master cylinder, the brake lines started going in. The lines and m/c fit great around the frame head.

I also got the RHD pedals in AND WORKING! Proves I'm not a complete failure.
The main problem with the pedals is keeping them upright and from falling backwards towards the driver. The pedals have a hook that rests against a bolted in piece, that I couldn't for the life of me find, that I had for the LHD pedals. The only fix was to make something.
I took 1/8 x 1 flat steel, cut it to length, drilled and tapped it.
I then used one of the thick metal washers used under the pan that keeps the body bolted on. The body will be channeled and wont be needing those anymore. It's been working well thus far.

Extended shifters are a must for a killer looking hot rod, so I know I needed one. I used one of my old tins of Murray's pomade for the knob

Since it's a stock bug shifter, not a bus, extending them causes it to rotate around when going through the gears. I solved that problem by notching the shift rod and welding pins to the sides of the shifter ball.

After the welding and grinding, I used a hand file to get the pins rounded out and welds ground down smooth so the shifter is smooth.
I haven't had any problems with the shifter yet but if I do, I'll let ya know.

Since the stock shifter was really worn out, I ordered a new shift coupler, urethane bushings, and a new shift rod bushing. That shit really makes a difference.

That's about it for today. I'm aiming to get the c/v joints rebuilt (new boots) and finish up the IRS spring plate conversion to swing axle spring plates. I got some good info from DrivenBuggy who had just done the same conversion last week, so I should have that done by this weekend. With the rear suspension finished, I should FINALLY be able to start the channeling.
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