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Default Re: Der Straßenkratzer

Not much of an update today since I caught a cold and it started hitting me on Friday night. Basically my whole weekend was wasted.

I was able to get a small amount of work done to the v-rod. I pulled the beam off and cut off/ground down the steering dampener bracket so I could move the steering box over to the other side. Also got the tie rods swapped but had a small problem with one of 'em. A tie rod end (Lt. thread) won't screw all the way in the tie rod, so it looks like I need a threader to fix that problem.

I planned out how to mount the lever shocks, that I picked up at the Pomona Swap meet a couple months ago, to the front end. I'll get some photos when it's done.

Still trying to rebuild the axles but they are being a complete bitch to take apart. Oh, not to mention fucking messy. I tore apart 1 axle so far and it looks like I need to order some new c/v's since I came across 1 with major pitting in the joint race.
This car is a damn money pit.

On to different news, I received my new stainless spokes for my Cafe bike from Buchanan's today which took my mind off of being sick for a while. I'll take some pics of the new rim lacing and finished product once it's finished, hopefully by the end of this week.

That's it. Move along... move along.
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