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Default Re: Which pillars are which?Abc???

Originally Posted by Olague View Post
Thank you guys for confirming the pillars
and about the measurements I wanted a 3 inch chop and I just used the formula the guy did in the main chop measurment thread

A : 3 x 1.25 =3.75
B : 3
C : 3 x 1.33 =3.99
I don't understand where these measurements and the 1.25 or 1.33 factors derive from. If you want a 3-inch chop, lay out 3 inches horizontally, it will change length with each pillar. It might end up the same as the ones you listed, may not. The key is to lay out your chop using horizontal measurements, not distance down the pillar. Obviously the more angled the pillar, the longer the distance is. If you change the angles of the pillars it add another bit of complexity.

If you want a wedge chop, then you need to do more calculations. Remember it is a lot easier to cut a bit more off than it is to add it back on.
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