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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Brakes work, I'm still gonna replace the rear rubber brake lines, but it no longer wants to turn left when I step on the brakes, I had to replace the master cylinder, damn that sucked, my body can't get into that position like it could 9 years ago

I'm fabing a rear bumper, luckily my neighbor has a tube bender, I just need to bend a piece and weld it together, I may wait and let my son weld it when he visits

The floor pans and heater channels were brand new when I started driving it 9 years ago, I pulled the carpet out and I was amazed at how much they rusted, the heater channel on the drivers side have a few holes in them, if I replace them I'm using some thick wall tubing

I still need to buy some more wire so I can put the wire harness in, lifting the body off is gonna be fun, I need to plan a date and try to get enough people to raise it up and roll the pan out

I have been driving it, it's only for short drives, but it sure is fun, more to come in the next few months

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