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Default Re: The "Today f*cking sucks club" thread

Ya know I can remember my grandpa saying about skylights and roofs, if you hafta cut a hole in the roof for anything it's gonna leak sooner or later
I was given a skylight that opens for my garage, I'm gonna put it in a wall so I have a window

I'm glad both my sons are roofers, I know I mentioned it last November about the tree limb falling thru my garage roof, it only cost me $300 in labor to have my youngest son and 2 of his helpers fix it, they replaced the entire section that I added on back in 07, it's about 14 feet by 32 feet with very little pitch, when I built it I used shingles which wasn't a good idea, I had to seal all the shingles because when we would get a storm the wind blew water up under them and it caused a few leaks until I fixed it, they replaced it with some new stuff for flat roofs, cost me a little more than $700 for materials, since then we've had 50 mph winds with torrential rains and it's still water tight, altho I need to get up there and cut some tree branches and 2 trees down that are hanging dangerously over my garage, I'm gonna hafta climb up and top off the ones hanging over it, not sure if I wanna do it with a chain saw though, I guess I'll get to it after the leaves fall off

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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