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Default VW Bugtruck pickup

Now that the coupe has sold, a new project has come to the drawing board....a bug pickup, truck, bugtruck, whatever you want to call it. From inspiration found right here on Volksrods, I am borrowing from some of the RPU builders ideas and using that to help design my own.

The twist....rather than a roadster without a top or removeable top, mine will have a full cab roof.

Borrowing A LOT of metal from a 1950 Chevy pickup cab, the entire rear half of the cab will need sectioned, narrowed, chopped and channeled to match up the rear quarter section of the 67 donor bug.

The donor: a running, driving, everything works 67 bug. Here it is all cleaned up:

The Chevy cab has been sourced, measured and ready to be diced into pieces. The wheel package will be 15X4 and 17X7 Torq Thrust IIs to give it a little hotrod flavor. Have a little pan work, front beam to narrow and disassembly and this is what I'm going for. Stay tuned!!

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