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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

On Saturday I got a few hours start on the pickup conversion.

Step One: - cut the 67 almost in half and remove....Oh...this will make some purist mad for sure!! A 67 scrapper now!

Step Two: Cut up good Chevy cab and set in place and chop 5" out of the bug roof

Step Three: Take a Billion measurements to figure out how I'm going to pull this whole thing off. The series of cuts made to the B-pillar are intentional. The bottom of the body line of the truck cab will be right in the body line of the bug; just below the notch I took out of the B-pillar on the bug body. I will also attempt to get the rain gutters to line up. Imagine the rain gutter sitting up against the door half of the B-pillar, that's where it will fit eventually. see it?

Anyway, this is where the fun begins!....cut, cut, cut and maybe a little more cutting. Then a little welding. Need to bring that rain gutter on the cab down about....ohhhhhh A LOT! To keep proportions, the rear cab window will also be sectioned and chopped to match.

Before I get too far with the fitment, I will be replacing the quarter pan under the battery. This was an old Cali car so there is virtually no rust. The goal with the body is to make it so the entire body is removable by using the same pan bolts as original.
The motor will be pulled once the bed is fab'd and the pan cleaned and painted.
I only have a couple hours in the evening to work on the truck. As you might have noticed my "shop space" is actually part of a barn at our families 100 year old farm. I can make all the noise I want without upsetting my neighbors.

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