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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

Spent some time over the weekend radiusing the door tops to match the radius of the cab corner. Now that they are on, I found a better way to make them a much cleaner curve so I'll have to come back and re-do the corners once everything else is done.

The other side is not flowing like I would like, so that will be re-done first before there are any photos...yikes.

Also got the Chevy box narrowed and shortened to fit. I found the original mounting points on the shock towers will come in handy when I go to attach the bed. I will take the entire piece of sheet metal from the rear quarters of the bug and graft them to the bedsides for mounting purposes. Rather than the big bolt on the outisde of the wheel well, the bolts will be accessible through the top of the bed. I also hope to re-use the bumper mounts and re-install the stock bumper when it's all done.

Anyway, the bed and rear fenders test fitted:

The rear cross support will be removable for pulling the motor. I have it tacked in for now.
And for height comparison, here is my 5'11" nephew. The roof comes to chest height.

When the box is done, it will be hauled off to the blaster (it was part of the purchase price). Looking at the rear half of the box top rail, it looks like it dips down. Actually, it's just the tip of the bed as it's only resting there and a couple of blocks of wood on top of the exhaust in the rear.

Eventually I will be getting to the back window and filling in the roof. Still searching for a pair of door tops. Anyone?
Friday should also be a productive day. Hope to get all the mounting points for the bed figured out and start on the rear fender modifications.

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