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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

Spent some time working on the truck. Installed the rear window frame and got the roof put back together and worked on the A and B pillars of the roof and cab to get them to line up. The black vertical mark on the lower section of the window frame and the window is center the bed seam center, not the lower cab seam weld.

Still some final welding and a little hammer and dolly work to get the roof straight.

Started on the rear fenders. Found the old roof metal had a nice contour already, so cut a few pieces and started fitting things together.

The lower edges of the rear fenders will be tied together with a rollpan with a recessed license plate and the dual exhaust sticking through. The fenders are plenty wide for the 17X8 Torq Thrust wheels that will be tucked inside.

Overall profile so far:

Not a bad weekend at all! Once I'm done with one, I'll pair it to the otherside and make them match. I'll pull the fenders and final fit the bed. It will need to be lowered a couple more inches before it's done. I'm also working on the inner paneling of the bed so that I can use the original rear bumper mounts. Those photos are to come!

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