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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

Over the past couple of weeks, been busy picking up parts for the to-be-narrowed beam and the dress up stuff for the motor including a Bosch alternator.

New exhaust..

But I have accomplished a few other things on the bugtruck. The other weekend I had "Mundo" a Portland Volksrodder, come out and give me a hand with figuring out the bed mounts. Thanks Ray! Before he got out , I discovered the bed was too narrow, so plus 3 more inches

Now the fenders will clear the 225/50/17s no problem.
Started on the other rear fender, should have that done in a couple hours.

And finished up the rear cab window.

Still working on the lower cab corners, bracing and boxing in the bottom half of the cab. The design is to have the front edge of the bed rest in a channel along a boxed enclosure accessible from inside the cab. The expansion will also allow access to the panel over the shifter coupler thingy. You can see the extension just below the bottom edge of the bed side

The bed around the motor will be all boxed in so I will be using most of the compartment seals to keep the heat away from the motor. Not a great photo, but you can see that the firewall stops just at the bend and a piece of square steel runs across the firewall and connect the bed sides. Also had some patch work to do to the bed sides. That ate up time and never mind the fact that I had to re do the cross supports because the bed sagged in the rear because I didn't level the bed before welding.

Also picked up a part of another roof to correct the center section of the chop. Oh boy, more welding and cutting.

I also have (thanks to badboyzkustomz) door top sections coming in the mail. More work to be done. the goal is to have the bed fab work done tomorrow so that on Friday afternoon I can take it back to the blasters for stripping but before then I have to figure out the rollpan!

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