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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

Another day of progress! Started boxing in the rear frame to the bedsides.

Capped the stack bed holes.

Under the front edge of the bed, I created a box that is accessible from the inside to reach all the pan bolts. You can see the frame is now supporting the bedsides.

Made really good progress on the step side filler.

Filled the old gas tank filler hole.

Finished the other rear fender and test fitted everything and threw a wheel on for G.P.

And so far we have this......

From a little further away:

Next is to finish/start the roll pan, drill the bolt holes for the fenders to the bed, pull the bed off yet again and finish weld a few things. While the beds off, the underside of the frame will also get boxed in for a clean look from underneath.

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