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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

Picked up a crazy 8" narrowed BJ beam, shortened tie rods and spring pack, and two 6" airbag sleeves (which I'm not planning to use). All new and complete front drum brakes, ball joints, CB drop spindles, tie-rod ends, and steering box. The only mods needed to make fit was trim away at one of the cut off shock towers on the steering box side. The remaining shock tower will get boxed in and the access panel in the front apron was increased by a couple inches. Have full turn right and left with rubbing on the headlight buckets...which will need cut down and welded in. Only other thing to do on the beam....weld in adjusters.

The beam really helps pull off the fat fender look of the old truck. It feeds to the illusion of the front fenders are super wide like the rear fenderrs. It also allows plenty of turning radius for the 15X5.5 wheels.
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