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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

A whole lot of photos of the new -8" beam and wheels. It may seem a bit radical but there is a reason behind my madness.

The fit these suckers and get low without worrying about fender clearance. The headlight buckets will be trimmed, but that's no biggy.

And a mock up with the rear wheels and tires:

Plenty of fender clearance.

The steering box and tie rods line up. The tie-rod has a solid sleeve welded in but I will replace it with a solid length tie rod. This set up should eliminate alot of the bump steer.

Also completed one side of the step side fillers between the cab and fender. There was a slight gap that needed filling. The other side is next to trim out.

Next is to get adjusters welded in the beam. The original plan for the beam was air ride but that takes it to a whole new level that I'm not ready to venture. So, take it all apart and start over. Oh joy!!

If I cannot figure out an easier way to include the wing vents, those will be coming out and one piece glass will be cut and installed. That's it for this week.

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