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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

Well the bed is off at the blasters. Over the past couple of weeks, been finish welding a few areas and working on the front beam. But yesterday received a package in the mail from a VR member UT-X, thank you. Door tops to complete the door frames. My first attempt at the radiusing the door top coners reuslted in a need to re-work what was done but he was kind enough to send a pair to me to fix them.

Before starting on the door frames, needed to finish shaping the inside corners of the cab. Have been dragging my feet as I had no idea how to tie it all together. As you can see, a big pain.

Photo from the outside. All the welds and seams need cleaning but that's the easy part.

The other side... You can see the different levels of the frame that caused the complication. Again. still needs some grinding work but the shape is otherwise there.

What else? Oh, shaved the front turn signals. Will be relocating them to the grills in the front of the fenders:

Lastly, a parting shot of the truck awaiting the return of the bed. Looks sad, but good because it's forcing me to finish welding on the lower half of the cab...boring...

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