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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

Thanks to VR member Mundo, he went over my motor and found that I have a 1600 SP rather than the 1500 I originally believed. the rear motor tin will need to be custom made to fit against the rear cross bar of the pickup box so the seal will keep the heat away.
Anyway, he cleaned it and dressed it up:

Got it home and rebuilt the carb. Hopefully that will fix the idle problem. Haven't had a chance to test the idle after the rebuild. Other than the shady idle, the little motor runs great.

Also got the truck shot in a coat of sealer followed by some high build primer. Much better resolution on the camera this time around.

the rear wheel looks off center to the fender but the fenders are not bolted on and the front edge will pull forward some when all bolted up. The front edge of the bed looks like it is sitting down, that's because the front mounts will get a rubber pad to raise it up some.
More overall shots:

The inside of the bed with the frame structure exposed looks like this...

When the wood bed goes in (front of the bed to the cross bar just behind the brown angle iron), all of this will be hidden.

Also finished the inside cab corners and installed the top mounting point for the shoulder harness. Should be strong enough with all the attached points to the B-pillar, the inside cab paneling and roof structure.

After the photos but before calling it a day, took a couple of hammers to the roof and got it straighted out some. Enough so that when I start in with the Duraglass filler, it will quickly smooth out. Just a few more spots to finish weld and a little work on the door tops to get them absolutely straight then body filler will begin!

One last shot for fun...What is really pleasing to me is the way the a-pillars line up. No filler and it's hard to tell it was ever chopped.
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