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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

Got the roof pounded out enough to start with the Duraglass but that all came after welding a few more holes and even more grinding. Have finally reached a point where the cab is all welded. DONE FINALLY! Still need to address the front apron, the tops of the doors (again) and a couple spots on the bed, but getting close to putting the welder away.

Skimped on the hardner on the first batch and now must wait on the extended drying time. Good thing it's a real thin layer.

the roof is straight enough to finally show a front view. Was frustrated with the warpage. Ok, more embarrassed to be honest.

Once I got started coating all the weld seams, I realized how much welding was done to get to this point.

I Must have gone through 7 lbs of wire to stitch this thing together....ok I admit, not the best welder on the block.
The inside panel:

Once I pull the rear fenders back off for the 90th time and start on the outside paneling, there are even more seams and holes to coat.

When I'm at a point where I can start blocking it out, I'll get it up off the ground and finish cleaning the underside of the pan and get a coat of sealer on the belly. Until next time...

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