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Default Re: VW Bugtruck pickup

Thanks to Mundo and his car trailer...the bug truck is finally home!!!
The rough bodywork is done. The rest can be easily blocked out by hand. Time consuming yes, but having it home is great!

Here she is sitting at home, this thing is really small. Look at at the height of a standard garbage can sitting next to it. Mundo crawled in and I thought he was going to lose his head. Still plenty of head room... Again Thanks Ray. Anyway, on with the photos:

Thought I would try the photo with the flash off, had to tweek the brightness some on the photo, but it's a cool photo:

All the fenders and running boards are hanging there with just a couple of bolts. The rear fender supports are not mounted either. Once the fender support brackets are installed, it will correct the fender alignment with the rear tires. Now tear it all apart and start working on the little stuff.

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