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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

After some great input from the board, I think I got the rear decklid lines figured out. Moved it outside to turn it around in the shop. This is also my first view of it outside so here we go. The suggestion was made to use the roof metal and see where that would take me. So I did. Split it and added some material and it went all the way across from fender to fender. The arch at the lower edge ( a roll pan will be made to fill it) but that arch is the line that followed the original front window on the 67.

Speaking of fenders, you'll note the driver side rear is longer. The right side is a Coupe, the driver side is a sedan. The sedan fender is pretty rotten so cutting off the lower section works out well since I have to rebuild it anyway. The fenders will be welded to the rear quarter panels. It was weld them or spend another zillion hours trying to figure out how to mount them using bolts. You have bug fenders bolted horizontally, the '37 mount vertically.. So welded fenders here we go!

I'll need to make a series of relief cuts on the edges to get the roof material to conform better to the fender and the top rail of the body. No close up shot but I'll try and take them as I start shaping the transitions.

Good news with the long swooping rear is there is plenty of room underneath to clear everything motor related.
A rear decklid will be cut out of the rear deck just as soon as I have a continuous sheet to work with. Another access panel will be cut up high, just behind the vert frame for access to the fuel tank.

The money shot:

Having it outside gave me a good chance to look at the overall lines. I see that the uppoer cowl bodyline will need adjusted. I was expecting to need something in that area.
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