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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Worked on the driver side latch and striker. Everything went very well. I only wish the pass side worked as well at the driver. Oh, well...come back to that side later.

Still have all the old holes to fill but again, come back later.

The next challenge is to get the front quarter panels put back together. Finished shaping the side panels. Still need a little trim. I have a great idea to get these front quarter panels to work and to add even more structural elements to the front clip.
Here's the mess:

Too bad this thing didn't come with instructions. I'll bet a paycheck I get it wrong the first time??

The plan is to follow the edge of the fender and side panels with round stock. Once the shape is there, skin it with sheetmetal. Then, attach that round stock to some verticle square tubing that will also anchor the lateral supports forward to the grill. In doing this, I hope that the side panels will also attach and the hood will sit just above. I'm also planning to have the front hood have a forward tilt opening over the nose of the grill. We'll see how that goes!

Another further away shot for fun.

There's a big surprise and change coming for the convertible top. Hope to pick up the replacement this week and get it mocked up next weekend.
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