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Default Re: SoCal'ers! BBQ.. September :)

Seeing how Riverside California is 2143 miles & a 32 hour drive from Cincinnati Ohio, I doubt I'll be able to make it, but, when your on your way to Virginia your welcome to stop by my place, not sure exactly where your headed in Virginia, but it may not be that far out of your way
Now I'd hafta buy a new grill, but we need a new one for this Summer, we onlt use charcoal as it tastes much better than gas, we used to grill out all year long until about 4 years ago, I took an old gas grill & removed the burners, my neighbor next door could never figure out how we could grill with no propane tank, he wasn't very smart, one evening after he watched my wife & I take our food in the house & eat, I came outside to relax while the sun went down, he walked over to talk & went to rest his arms on top of the grill & burnt the hell out of his arms, he was a dumb ass

I'll be there in spirit May 10th, so everybody have a shot or two of Tequila for me

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