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Default Re: SoCal'ers! BBQ.. September :)

Originally Posted by d3ghia View Post
Ron gets naked when he drinks Tequila - so make sure you do it right!
I only get naked with my wife, up until a few years ago we would go thru two 5ths of Tequila every weekend, we finally quit when we started buying a 3rd bottle to get us thru the weekend

Now for the rest of the story, a year before my kidney transplant I was feeling bad every morning, even on days I didn't drink Tequila, after I had the kidney transplant things were a bit hectic with getting all the meds right, so 6 months after the transplant we decided to rent a house boat at Lake Cumberland Kentucky, just the 2 of us on a 18 person house boat, it had 9 beds & a hot tube, I was scheduled for a biopsy of my transplanted kidney because my lab numbers were all out of whack, so on the way down we bought 3 cases of beer & s half gallons of Tequila, my wife was the beer drinker, I could only drink 3 beers, the next day I felt like I had drank 100 beers, so I stuck with my Tequila, even got my wife to drink it that weekend as well as drinking coffee, it was one crazy fun 4 day weekend

So the day after we got home I went to the hospital to have my biopsy, not something they like doing as it can case kidney failure, so as I'm getting prepped for the biopsy they take blood & run it thru the lab STAT which mean they need the results ASAP, after 30 minutes the results come back & everything is just right, so muy doc canceled the biopsy, then he has me give blood the next Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, by Friday my numbers are all up to high, so he schedules another biopsy for the following Monday, we drink a bottle of Tequila over the weekend, Monday my lab results were right where they are supposed to be, after 4 weeks of tthis my doc asks me if I'm doing anything different, so I tell him about our weekend Tequila drinking, he didn't say "keep on drinking" but he did say if it works, keep at it
after 8 years of Tequila weekends my stomach just couldn't take it anymore, so I stopped drinking it, next thing ya know my lab tests start turning worse, after a month my doc asks me what I'm doing differently, I tell him I gave up the Tequila, so he started medication changes & finally after almost 4 months my lab result start to go back to normal, well normal for a transplant patient, it was crazy, we think it was do to my mom who drank B urbon or B acadi Rum every weekend & the kidney she gave me was going thru withdraw symptoms, so now I only do a shot or 2 on special occasions & I might drink 6 beers a year

It was crazy, if it wasn't for my stomach I'd most likely still be drinking Tequila every weekend, but I can compare it to drinking acetone, gasoline, it just really bothers my stomach, but I still celebrate a few times a year by drinking maybe 3 shots every few months

So that's why I said to have a few shots for me, if I could make it in person I'd bring a bottle of Cabo Wabo Tequila, the stuff Sammy Hagar makes, it's the best Tequila on the market, unless your taste buds are shot, I had someone tell me Petron was the best, so I has a few shots, I'd have rather drank a gallon of gasoline than one shot of that stuff

So make sure ya's have at least one shot for me, I have a little bit left in a bottle, so on that day I'll have myself a shot along with ya's, & may end up with Happy Feet

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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