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Default Re: SoCal'ers! BBQ.. September :)

I'm hoping to have an outback party sometime around July 7'th 2016, looks like the 9'th is a Saturday, so that may be the day if all works out

A few years ago I told my wife I'd like to have a Birthday party, I have never ever had one, ya see, it's always snowing, or just too dang cold on my Birthday, I got calls every year, my 100 year old granma still calls me to sing the Happy Birthday song to me, this past birthday I recorded it & saved just in case I never get to hear it live again, it's something I'll truly miss, but I have it covered now

Back to July of 2016, I'm gonna celebrate that birthday during the the summer, it will be my 50'th, Janurary is just too dang cold, plus our house is rather small, our yard is kinda big & gaining more space each week, & as long as I keep hauling trailer loads off, I'll have plenty of room

I'll remind ya's when the time come closer

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