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Old February 23rd, 2012, 07:30 PM   #1
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Default Meat and The Grinder

Well. Here goes every thing. My '67 bug and I received our nic-names the first time we showed at a local club night. All I could manage to say was "Nice ta meatcha" Then some one actually looked under my bug and said as loud as possible "watch out when you work on dudes car it'll grind you up" This is actually kinda funny 'cause I ground up a squrill that day with the 200 or so sheet metal screws sticking out the bottom. Hence "Meat/Grinder".

Thank you in advance for any help you give weather I need it or not.

The car was "running when I bought it but the floor dropped outta that dream pretty quick. Some P/O tried to hide a badly damaged pan with some asphalt shingle and sealing putty with the busted up street sign to hold every thing down under the carpeting. on the way home from work one night the driver seat ended up on the pavement at 50 or so leaving a great deal of sparkage (I needed new shorts) so the car sat for a few weeks or so 'till I could get new pan halves.

Then I got the letter from the "man". Saying fix it or we tow it. I don't like those dudes at all. But necessity is the mothe of invention, as is said.

Pans in hand, mostly in part to family, but no welder and 5 days 'till it gets towed ........

Neighbor hands me a caulking gun looking thing and some tubes of glue like stuff. Said some thing like " it should do" and walked away like nothing happened.

I had punched out holes to weld the pan in but could not get a welder to do the work. so I ground off the weld through primer and squeeeeeeeeeeezed out this stuff that looked like pep-to and smelled like the south end of a mule. Mashed the pan in and down and let loose with the screw gun. I did, yes before you think that I didn't. I put a screw in each and every punched out hold I had made. There for the little furry critters stand no chance if they get under the Grinder.

O.K. there is the back story 'bout the nic-name.

Here is the current standing of the Grinder....
Eng. 1915,
engle 110 cam,
stock (ish) heads,
1 5/8 merged comp header, mondo muffler or stinger,
full flowed case high out put pump,
filter and now exploded 48 pass oil cooler,
tires 215/70 rear 185/65 front
suspension rear stock wide 5, front slammed narrowed spindled disk ed
paint faded pealing black over years of bad paint jobs ( with custom hack and keying from angry dude)
interior yup it used to seat 4 now only 3 ( pass. side did not have seat rails, discounted price) rear custom covered in denim ( looked good when I made it but has since faded to glory)

Crud i rambled. As for me,employed, 36, divorced, 2 kids,2 cats, hobby fabricator furniture builder wood turner ( aka melter of expensive metal things, fixer of broken things, maker of wooden pens) love my bug as much as my kids, avid bowler. and general noob to all things Volksroding. Hoping to turn a ratty bug into a rat rod.

likes military styled heavily raked Carson topped hood rides

Will have picks of Meat/Grinder soon.

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