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Old November 13th, 2014, 11:39 AM   #1
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Default custom chopped Beetle, amazing chassis, Corvair engine
Price: $6,000 (neg)   Location: Morris Plains, NJ   

I really don't want to do this, but I am moving and don't have a choice. I am not making a big deal out of this to maximize my profit, I just want to cover some of my expenses; everything is AS IS STATED.. I want you to be as happy with this project as I was. I hate to say this because it sounds so cliche, but I am an 'upstanding citizen' and would even like to stay in contact with you to see how your build goes. Like many online buyers, I have been screwed by untrustworthy people before- I WILL NOT BE A SELLER LIKE THAT!
In short, treat me as you wish for me to treat you. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.
Okay, enough of the warning, on to the good stuff...

There are three parts to this sale; I am willing to sell them separately. (Prices negotiable, I just them them up there for Craigslist!)
1) AMAZING, professionally show-built custom 1967 VW pan, clean title (truly one-of a kind, no expenses spared!) $6,000
2) custom chopped 1968 VW Beetle tub/body & original 1963 ragtop [with title] (and original hardware!) & 3 sets of doors and many other parts $2,000
3) 1969 Corvair 110 engine (includes 140 heads, 4-primary carb setup, flat fan and custom reverse camgear from California!) $550

1.) This pan is nothing short of magnificent. I have 20 pages of carbon-copy receipts for everything; nuts, bolts, etc. This is the kind of thing you can't put a price on- I hardly know where to start. Many thousands of $$$ put into this beauty.. but my loss is your gain (yes, it sucks for me!).
**Here are the details:
First and foremost, the frame has been stiffened and the undercarriage is one perfect, flat, smooth surface.. this is the kind of chassis you paint a beautiful mural on and put mirrors on the ground to show-off. It's beautiful!
Perfectly rebuilt and painted transaxle
All hardware plated
All rough castings on front and rear suspension smoothed out and painted (welds are not visible)
New dropped spindles
Adjustable spring plates
New GR2 shocks (all 4)
New steering damper
New master cylinder
Rebuilt starter
German 914 rear rotors (4 wheel disc brake conversion, but needs calipers)
All pan bolts and tabs (plated)
Front inspection cover (painted)
New swing axle boots (with plated hardware)
1967 pedal assembly and there's probably more to list, but I can't remember everything!
*NOTE: one tire on the chassis is completely flat and shot (tires are all bald, they are just there so I can roll it around). We need a new wheel/tire on it so you can move it.

2.) The 1968 Beetle body/tub is chopped about 5.5". It's important to note that I am anal about my work; I actually cut the roof off once or twice after tack-welding it in place because it wasn't good enough for me. I made sure all measurements all the way around are perfect.. I promise that you can follow the rain rails/gutters from the bottom of the A-pillar to the back of the C-pillar.. they are SMOOTH and clean! There are no inconsistencies or bumps.. as close to flawless as I could hope for.
I bought a clean 1963 ragtop roof clip, cut it to fit my body and mated it neatly.. all the hard work is done, it just needs filler now. I have the original slider hardware for this, too.
YES, THIS IS A PROJECT, but it will be truly awesome when finished. I did not opt for the "cheap & easy" capella chop that most guys go for.. I chopped it all the way around and changed the angle of the rear c-pillars to flow with the new roof slope. The idea was to run fenderless and stick the Corvair engine out the back, exposed.. I planned on chopping the body another 4" to drop it like I did the roof, but I ran out of time. There is a little rust on the heater channels, but that's pretty minor and easy to replace. I did carefully cut the nose and tail off of this, but they can easily put back on. The point of doing this was clearance for the front beam and Corvair engine.
Other parts included:
I have THREE FULL SETS of doors (no rust!). One set is already cut and on the tub as shown in the photos. The other two sets are both different; one has the little tilt-able, triangular-shaped windows and the other is a full-open window design. You can choose to cut whichever ones you like for this project.
The body also includes a set of bear-claw style SUICIDE door hinges and a remote electric door opening system so you can shave and delete the door handles.
I have a salvageable oval window clip.. it needs a little work, but certainly still usable.
There is also a set of aftermarket headlights.
I have a steering wheel and shaft, but no interior parts.. no seats or upholstery or anything like that.

3.) 1969 Corvair engine (110 with dual carbs). This was running when I bought it about 2 years ago. I purchased 140 heads and cylinders (all clean!) and 4 primary carbs with linkages. I also bought a flat-fin fan, reverse camshaft and gear from a former racer and professional Corvair engine-builder in California ($225). Most of the engine tins are still there.

What else?
I have a Street Beat Customs fiberglass ragtop clip for sale.. $400, new in box. (see other Craigslist ad:

I also have a 1968 (seized) 1600 dual port VW engine and parts laying around, but one cylinder snapped when removing from the block. This engine could probably be traded as a core or even rebuilt.

As I said, there are other parts and details, but I can't remember everything! I'm trying to clear out the garage so I can show the VW.. check with me for a good time to view.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you,
201-five seventy-two, 64 fifty eight
jipple28 [at] gmail (dot) com
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