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Old July 7th, 2005, 01:16 PM   #1
Forum Member
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Vantucky
Posts: 3

I found this site while on Samba.

Sorry to hear about Pistol.
I live just across the river from P town in Vantucky
I work in the industrial section of NW Portland.
Im a trick out what ya got kind of guy.
My first intro to the VW scene was back in the 80's with a 79 Rabbit we painted Miata blue with body kit interior etc. Went to a bunch of shows in Portland in the late 80's early 90's.
I got into the Lowriding euro scene and tricked out another car that made Lowrider mag and won a bunch of crap plastic trophys. And for what spend a bunch of money to get plastic trophys. Im so glad I grew up a little and got out of that scene.
I talked my uncle into donating me his beat up manx style buggy.
It was a body a pan front beam and nothing else, not kidding.
I originally wanted to make it a rod style street cruiser, white walls etc with widened wheels. Then the wheel shop in portland closed.
I started looking into the pain in the A$$ it would be to make an untitled car street legal. So I turned it to the sand.
We spend most of our time at the dunes riding in the buggy and our quads.
The paint is only temporary till i get all of the stuff done, I want done.
I would someday like to turn it to street, but that will be after I get a Sandrail or something else to dune.

Been married 5 years and have a 2 year boy that cant keep his hands out of my tools. Oh and his favorite saying is "BIG Ta Ta's" Im so proud of that one.

As far as those fence pics, I dont think the wife would be to pleased about me putting them on the internet. (send me your mailing adresses and I will mail them) no not really!!
I do have some other pics ...ahem of other friends girlfriends and wives.....

I know I will get some $hit for my name.

My catch phrase used to be (to the ladies) "are you Naked??"
Oh and it didnt help that if I drink to much I was the first to suggest some kind of game to get the girls naked. Of course how well do you play when you are lit, which meant umm I didnt ever play to well.

I still try to get the ladies to go topless in the buggy.
My wife just thinks Im a big perv,
yes, yes I am.

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Old July 7th, 2005, 02:22 PM   #2
Forum Member
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Vantucky
Posts: 3

Here is a list of stuff thats been done to the buggy.

Chassis: 1969 VW Pan, IRS rear suspension, Ball joint front end

Body: Fiberglass Manx replica body

Paint: Temporary Blue and black Zebra (The body and paint will be completed when the car is done)

Interior: Corbeau full suspension seats, racing harnesses, tilt column, grant steering wheel, BugPack gear shift, VDO & Autometer gauges, stock pedal cluster with accell Roller pedal, Bed lined floor, carpeted sides and back seats.

Engine: 1776 VW engine, single Dellorto 40mm carb, ceramic coated Baja exhaust, Super Trapp style muffler w/ spark arrestor, Chrome engine tin, High temp red plug wires, 009 Dist, Pertronix electric ignition, Pertronix Flamethrower chrome coil, Billet sand seal dipstick, Billet Sand seal crank pulley, Empi high lift valve covers, Aluminum engine breather box, Chrome alt stand with aluminum oil fill tube, Alternator conversion, External filter/oil pump.

Trans Axle: Rancho super street w/ stage 1 Kennedy pressure plate and KushLoc disk.

Wheels/Tires: Front: 15x4.5 Michelle w/ 5 rib tires Back: 15x15 Douglas w/ Sand Squirt Paddles

Accessories: 5" Head lights, 4" Fog lights, Color changing led neons, red rope light flag pole, Billet clamp on mirrors/flag bracket/permit plate, Turning brake single handle, Removable Grant steering wheel with lock, 5 point racing harnesses, Corbeau seats, BugPack Gear shift, Solid strap trans mount, Optima red top Battery, AutoMeter AutoGage Tach, VDO Gauges, fire extinguisher, and maybe a little left over sand from the dunes.


Shortened Pan

Tilt steering column (jeep) and custom cage to mount column.

Hinged hood and hold down bracket

Molded and fiberglassed rear seat area

Roll Cage, custom made to this car (Blind Chicken Racing)

1938 Ford tail lights 2 sets

Seat mount brackets custom to this car

Battery mount under rear seat

Removed front brakes

Rear disk brakes, converted from drum

Gauge panel

Molded and fiberglassed dash
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