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Old August 31st, 2004, 10:14 PM   #1
Forum Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 26

Okay, so now that I finnaly registered, I have decided to stop lurking and post pics of the 2 things that consume most if not all of my time.

First up, my poor little baja. Soon she wont be a baja anymore.

Another shot, basicly the same thing -

Then theres my other rod... its not really old enough to be a rod, its only a 62, but I love her anyway.

Shes sporting a new '67 rear axle with the bigger imperial drums, a set of 235/60/16s on new aluminum rims, and new paint and tint. Will try to get an updated shot of her soon.

Then theres my ugly mug, luckily theres a decent 65 mustang for a backdrop -

as far as the bug - I am thinking of going with the bugeye front end, just fenderless, and lower. ditching the fiberglss rear, I have some hand formed steel fenders for the back, baja style, and am mounting a partial decklid to keep the rain off the carbs. I already have a motor for her sitting in the living room. a 1776, engle 120 cam, 041 heads, a modified 205s Distributor, and a set of 40 dells to breath with. The front I have a ghia front beam, Avis ajusters, Disc brakes. Rear end is a fresh rebuilt 1968 swing sporting type 3 brakes and hubs. You might notice the odd looking headrests on the seats, they came from a 96 honda civic, I just welded the frames on my old seat bottoms to the civic seats.

I was considering flat black for paint, but out here in the arizona desert I figure ill cook, thinking a flat grey would look nice.

As far as me, I am 25, a Pipefitter apprentice, I HAD been working up untill recently when an accident at work put me at home for the last month or so. I fell and fucked up my right foot pretty bad. I tore the antireor ligements and tendons, Had surgery the 9th of august, and just got my stitches out this morning. This pic doesnt do the damage justice but heres what it looks like now...

The first week or so it looked like someone stuffed an egg under the skin around my ankle. Doc tells me I got a full meal deal. Eyelet in the bone and used parts of the now string cheese tendon to tighten up my ankle. The ligements werent healing rightm they just got thicker and let my foot slip out of the joint.

So here I sit checking out your projects, dreaming, and trying to put together the bottom end of my motor with my foot elevated above my heart to keep the swelling down :shrug:

oh right I almost forgto the girlfriend pics...

Best I can do on short notice is a recent ex at her senior prom... so this pics like 4 years old... But I will keep the polaroid handy when I have my current girl help me get the motor back in my bug [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smokin.gif[/img]

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