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Old May 17th, 2004, 09:54 AM   #1
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Well, here goes. My name is Brendan Lane, I'm 19 and am living in Chestertown Md for the summer. First off I want to say I love this forum, great group of guys (and gals??). I am sick to death of the VW scene reported by magazines Cal-Look this and thanks to 30 shops who did all the work for me etc. I always wanted a bug and well, I found a package deal and picked up a '63 a '67 and a '71 super. Though the '63 was great, it was going to be my daily driver... previous owner went to great lengths to hide rust. It wasnt till I had it about 6 months and was driving in the rain that the rust became noticable as bondo started falling off.... Ah well. Long story short I am in the middle of a body off resto on that. In the mean time I have gone though a few other cars. A Saturn SC2 that I got for $200 becuase it was running on 3 cylinders (spark plug wire was bad... sold it for $2000 6 months later). A '72 Camaro SS clone with a 400 small block and a turbo 400. Rebuilt the engine and trans on that and dropped a 4.10 rear end in. And a few trucks as well.

Right now I have the '63, a '65 and a '69 ghia

Which brings me to today. After about 9 months on the back burner due to lack of tools,funding, school and moving I was fianlly able to start work on the '63 again. I already completed the floor pan last time I had the body off, so the next step is the heater channels, the front firewall and the rear fenderwells as well as other misc rust all over.... I got the fenders hood and decklid off today and will bolt the pan back to the body and brace up the body by the end of the week (I hope)

I have wanted to do it up in black either gloss or flat with red wheels since the moment I layed eyes on her 3 years ago. I know some of you think that is starting to get played out, but its what I want damnit! :P Either that stage is so far away and maybe ill have some new ideas by then. I'll keep you posted.

Look for pics soon. And as always and thoughts or advice is always welcome. Cmon I know someone wants to start a thread about my car :D
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Split tail lights. Repop ok!
Split dash pods or measurements to make my own. Repop ok!


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