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Old September 2nd, 2013, 10:44 PM   #1
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Default Dun Dun Dunnnnnn... The Duckman

Hello everyone! Thanks to the administrator/moderators for approving my account! I have been lurking around here for an awful long time and thought I should join up!

They call me the Duckman, only because nobody can ever remember my name when they meet me... but they never forget my little companion who travels everywhere with me.

She is SkeeterTheDuck, but I'll put more about her over on the pets thread even if she is technically a personality and not otherwise.

So about me:

I have been a long-time self-serving motorcycle mechanic and fabricator, turning wrenches since I was a kid on all sorts of things. I learned because I don't like having to pay people to fix my junk and being stranded somewhere because I'm ignorant of how things work. If it breaks, I'll fix it, and damnit if I can't engineer it better than it was originally, or at least I'll be able to MacGuyver it well enough with what is available to get me home. I just LOVE being told that what I am building won't work and shoving the end result in their faces. Weeeeee!

So as I grew up I loved my bikes so much that I wasn't one of those kids waiting at the DMV to get my car license. I got my bike license instead and waited several years before I felt I wanted or needed to drive a car. Even then I didn't buy a car until some years later.... heh... my 1969 Bug! Yep, I've always wanted a VW Bug as far back as I can remember, and finally got one in late 90s. Sadly, I've moved a lot and had to give it up.

More recently, I found a Karmann Ghia for my lady and I have begun looking for another Bug, for the right price, in just the right condition, of course!

Stock/factory/OEM aren't in my vocabulary, which is pretty much why I am here. I've got a plasma cutter just DYING to be used! If I don't go too insane searching for a Bug the plasma cutter may do a little Karmann Ghia carving... HAHA!

I'm always getting into some kinda trouble, so I hope to be able to contribute a little of my motorsport-mischeif with everyone here.

Thanks for having me in the club!

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