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Old September 30th, 2012, 12:15 PM   #1
Forum Member
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: SW Michigan
Posts: 15
Default Intro to an old crusty newbie

Ok, here is my required intro. Sit down it might get windy. You can read it all, or not. Don't care, but if ya want to know who ya let in here, here it is.. ;)

Who the hell is "Airehead"? Well, I am a 52 year old, retired gear head, hot rodder of many years. Started out building my first car before I was able to legally drive it. My Dad was a gear head and built hot rods in the golden days, and I just kept the candle lit.

Over the years, I built many hot rod, classics, etc. I was one of those American Hot Rod guys, BUT, always loved the VWs and checked them out when my hot rod buddies wern't noticing. I stayed in the closet for many years. My buddies would make fun of the VeDubb guys, telling them VWs were for the guys that couldn't built a real hot rod. I always did my duty and snickered, but never joined in any of those raindear games. I was the one that lagged behind after the hot rod guys walked off and apologized to the VeDub guys, and told them, not to tell, but I think their cars were cool.

Finally, I got old enough that I didn't care what other's thought, and started building VWs right along side of my American hot rods. At one point in my garage and drive way, I had two Ford Model A's, a 1949 Plymouth, 1956 Olds, an MGTD VW kit, 1957 Kombi, 1971 standard Baja, and a 1973 super, all at one time. Was a very confusing time for me then.

I took ill for about 10 years, and dropped out of site with the cars. I still had one left and that was the 1949 Plymouth. While I was raising my daughter. She used to be by my side working on anything I had in the garage. Now, she is 15 and becoming of driving age. She loves the hot rod, but also always loved the VW beetle. From the time she could reach her neck up and see over her car seat out the window, and saw a Bug, she would holler out "DAD!!! A BUGGIE". Well, we just got her first car on the road, and it's a nice 1969 Bug. She quickly named it "Scrab". Scarab has a 1600dp, 4 wheel disc brakes, electronic ignition, electric/regulated fuel pump, HID light kit, and yes, those are early fenders. I just like the earlier fenders because they have more character to me. Anyway.. She loves her Scarab.

And the daughter working on her brakes. Yes, she does her own work with the old man's guidance. She knows more about cars than many grown men today. She welds, does fabrication work, not alot she can't do at age 15.

I am going to take a break for a minute, then come back and finish my story of who I am...
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Old September 30th, 2012, 12:39 PM   #2
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: SW Michigan
Posts: 15
Default Re: Intro to an old crusty newbie

Ok.. I took a breath, and maybe I'll finish up some..
I am a very large guy. I stand 6'5" tall, and 400 Lbs of solid muscle. Ok, it's fat, but regardless, a big SOB. I have always been not so "PC", and tend to find humor in anything. I pick. I can dish it out. But good news, I am also thick skinned and can take it. If you plan on hazzing me, do it. I love it. But, don't get offended when I send it back at ya.. lol.. Everything, especially on the internet with me is in jest. I take it in jest, and I give it in jest. Ya wanna photchop my photos, give it your best shot, but I can use photochop too remember, hehheh.. I may not get your back today. But, sleep with one eye open. Just sayin.. <EGRIN>

That said, I am a Christian man. Before ya run away, here me out. I am not one of those judgemental, in the box, holier than though type Christians. In fact, most churches I have attended don't know quite how to take me, or what to do with me. I don't pretend I'm something I am not. I do a little drinking (not much, outgrew most of it, been there done that type of thang). I see nothing wrong with having a beer with a buddy. I don't hide it from my Christian friends. I don't pretend to be holy one day, and the next running up and down the streets in a naked stuper (not that I won't do that mind you.). I have been known to say a word or two that most "Christians" pretend they don't say. I try to curb it, but sometimes, there is just no better word!!!. I don't "preach". What I do, is let people know where I stand. I have strong faith in my God, and Christ. I try to do right by my fellow man as Christ did. BUT, If you don't want to hear it, no problems, lets just grab a beer and talk cars. But, if you do want to learn more about faith, and what it's done to me, just ask, and we'll sit down with a beer and talk about it. If ya just need a non-judgemental ear, I'm a good listener. And it doesn't go any further than us. Nuff of that.

Anyway, I am more than all that. I am complex, yet simple. I am a jokester. I have been a Hot Rodder, I have been a Biker back in the day. I am a proud US Air Force Veteran. I have done alot, I have seen alot at the young age of 52. I have no regrets. I am, a car guy. I am a VW guy. I can't do the work I used to, because I am also disabled now. But, I can do some, and started back into the hobby I love. Next spring, I will start on my wife's car. I picked her up a VW Convertible. Rust bucket, but have been disassebling it currently. next spring we break out the welders, tools, etc, and me and the daughter are going to build my bride, and her mother a cool as hell, Roadster Volksrod out of it. Can't wait to get to that stage. I am here to share, and I am here to see what you guys are doing to these VeDubs today..Hope to meet some of you along the way. I'm sure there are a few that won't want to meet me, and thats ok too... hehheh.. I just took my daughter to her very first bug race today, and she had a blast.. Her favorite was this one..

Yeah, she's my daughter for sure and loves the rats..

Here she is acting the fool. She's a great kid, happy and fun loving.

Anyway.. thanks for opening up the door. I been knocking on it for over a week, and was wondering if anybody was even home. But, ya opened it today, and now, ya might figure ya shouldn't have, lol..
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Old September 30th, 2012, 01:21 PM   #3
Forum Member
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: SW Michigan
Posts: 15
Default Re: Intro to an old crusty newbie

BTW: My screen name is self explanitory. If I need to explain it, maybe you should have your "air cooled" card taken away?

My regular screen name on most sites is "Tudorp". It is what I have been called for many years, and acrynym for my two favorate cars. The Ford Model A 2 door Sedan (a.k.a. Tudor). And the Plymouth P15 (built from 1946 to 1st series 1949). I used to be called TurdorP15, but was shortened to just Tudorp because it's easier to say. Here, this being what it is, I figured "Airehead" is fitting.

That said, my REAL name is Tony.

Also that said, before you all come out to correct my grammar and/or spelling. Did ya read up there that I am a gear head all through my high school years too? Meaning, I never did very well in English and/or spelling. Always my worse subject. I don't care. i know I can't spell worth a schat. So, corrections mean nothing to me. Spell check I gave up on years ago, because you have to get at least close to the correct spelling for it to know what the hell you are trying to type, so it just never worked well for me, lol. Tried "hooked on phonics" years ago in the 1970s, but think about it? I am originally from Alabama, and Texas, and hooked on Phonics in the south? REALLY? Point is. I can't spell. Pick on it if ya like, I don't care enough to get pissed off about it.. ;)

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