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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Side Tracked
(One Crazy Summer)

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know, It's been forever since our last post but we have been a little busy... See we decided that we have way too many projects going on and we could not focus on getting the things done that we wanted to in the time frame that we were trying for, you know with work, family, life in general and other everyday things that just seem to take up all of our time.

So we decided to be mature... and do the right thing... and stay focused on one project... and see it through until the end... and Ha Ha Ha... Right what the hell were we thinking.

Long story short we decided to take on a monumental task of bringing something back from being literally returned to the ground it came from...

A 1937 Ford Sedan that has been sitting in a field since 1986. The owner took the car apart years ago to do a restoration and abandoned the project. The car was complete and all the parts were in a shed in the back of his property.

It even has a Flathead V8

Needles to say it was a little rough.

So we loaded it up and brought it back to the warehouse to begin stripping it down and bringing it back to life.

First thing we wanted to do is bolt the entire car back together so that we could see what we need to do, to bring it back... Well after several months of sandblasting everything down it doesn't look to bad.

The Evil Metal Genius Saluting...

The dash and the seats were in surprisingly good condition.

Back in for more blasting and we are beginning to rough prime it so the metal doesn't rust away while we restore this.

This car is very Gangster looking... It needs a set of Thompson Machine Guns for it.

We were able to get the engine fired up and running after sitting for 27 years... You gotta love a Flathead... Found an air cleaner at the Sumpter Swap Meet and blasted it and painted it... First Shinny thing on the car...

Until Next Time...
My Volksrod Build (Fat Chicks n' Mopeds)

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