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Old June 14th, 2006, 05:22 PM   #1
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alright ladies and gentlemen (if there are any ladies here) im obviously a new guy to the forums. I had a super beetle (73 to be exact) and at the time I was in my grandmothers garage and she didnt like it, the front suspension was my main problem, as was the motor. Now I have learned my lesson and that is, to read up on things extensively BEFORE i purchase something. I am 18, almost 19 and looking to build a kick ass ride for a project build to match my 2005 mustangs "old school" feel. Now I have my old style car as my daily, but i want a REAL old school car to cruise around town and for my trips back and forth from south mississippi to florida, and I think if I can get my motor dialed in right, a VWrod would be perfect! with a radio of course! haha. my super sold for 200 more than I bought it, so I didnt miss out on that, but I just recently purchased a 1972 f100 to install air ride on, body drop it (what u guys call channelling) and chop top it. Well come to find out (once again I should have read up on things) the front suspension is near impossible to lay out with stock or drop beams. So it is being sold for 3-400 more than i payed for it. All in all, I have bought cars others want, and it hasn't hurt me financially. My truck SHOULD get sold here soon, hopefully within this next week of the 18th. So I know I need a standard bug, my question is this though, is it best to go IRS or swing axle? For a rod style car what is easiest to get to the right stance, and what will, dare i say, ride better? Do you guys run shocks in the front and back? does the beam style suspension up front even need shocks? what about out back? Also, I just remember this is a thread starter post only, so if you have to PM me with answers, or tell me to start a new thread if I have more questions.
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