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We've had many folks asking how they can continue to help support the site.  We are now offering Premium Memberships for those forum members wanting to help fund this place.

We depend on this support 100% to keep the doors open. 

Our Premium Memberships offer up some pretty cool perks compared to the standard forum memberships.  It's the least we can do for your support.

To sign up for your Premium Membership... just click here.

Premium Memberships are $25 a year and include all the following perks:

**  Access to our Pin Ups area.
**  Access to our Off Topic / BS area.  (very relaxed moderation in this area... any discussion topic goes)
**  Unlimited photo uploads in forum messages.
**  Unlimited photo storage in your own photo albums/galleries.
**  Increased mailbox size for private messages (up to 500).
**  Ability to go "invisible" while using the forum.
**  Create and run your own Social Groups (like a mini forum within the main forum).
**  Add your own images to your signature.
**  Post events to the forum's Event Calendar.
**  Ability to list your business or service in the Business/Service/Goods Directory.
**  Customizable user title (under your screen name) that you can change at will.
**  User name shows in bold everywhere it appears on the forum.
**  Custom badge next to your user name showing your support.

Of course, you must first be a forum member to sign up.  Not registered on our forum yet?   Sign up right here!

Thanks and enjoy!

~Steve & Connie